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What is Alberta Virtual Vault? 

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 Alberta Virtual Vault is a secure online personal information storage service; easing your family's stress as they manage your affairs or settle your estate.

 You lead a busy life. Your personal information is important to you, and yet it may be stored in various locations that you can't access quickly.

 Your solution - Alberta Virtual Vault! This new web tool is designed for people who want the convenience of a secure, one-stop personal information storage system that offers 24/7 access to your important documents. You customize the way that you want to consolidate, store, update and retrieve the information that is important to you and your family.


With Alberta Virtual Vault:

  • You control what goes into the vault
  • You control all access to your information
  • You control who can access the information upon your incapacitation or death

Using a military-grade security and information encryption system, Alberta Virtual Vault safeguards the information that is in your vault throughout your life and makes it easy for your Appointed Representative(s) to access key information when it is needed.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit Monarch Registries @ 11210 – 107th Avenue, Edmonton or online @ to:
  1. Create Your Personal Profile.
  2. You must visit a local Registry Agent (Monarch Registries) to verify your identity and have your personal profile created. All that you need is your basic personal information: place and date of birth, your primary personal email address and one piece of photo identification. Save time by completing the Request for Registration Form and taking it to Monarch Registries for registration. You can also record other current email addresses, former email addresses, former home addresses and phone numbers, and your Social Insurance Number. The more information that you include, the easier it will be for your Appointed Representative(s) to locate your vault when the need arises.

  3. Pay the One-time Registration Fee of $99.99 ($95.23 + $4.76 GST).
  4. Online, and then you:

  5. Establish Your Password.
  6. mmediately after your personal profile has been created, Alberta Virtual Vault will email you with temporary log-in instructions. You can then access your personal vault using a unique personal password that you create. You're now ready to begin uploading your important electronic documents into your self-managed Alberta Virtual Vault.

Storing Your Information

Let your vault contents grow, along with your life experiences. You can store any information that is important to you, such as: 

Legal Papers

  • Will and codicils
  • Directions for small, personal bequeaths
  • Power of attorney
  • Personal directive (living will)
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce papers

Financial Information

  • Financial portfolio
  • List of bank accounts
  • Copies of financial updates
  • Pension plans
  • Safe deposit box information

Funeral/Memorial Service

  • Pre-arranged funeral plan
  • Program
  • Obituary notice
  • Invitation list (with contact information)

Health Information

  • List of medications
  • List of health professionals

Passwords, or Password Reminders to Your Many Secure Accounts

Professional/Educational Documents

  • Educational certificates (degrees, diplomas, etc.)
  • Photos of achievement awards


  • Photos/videos
  • Letters, cards, etc. with sentimental value

Household Papers

  • Property deeds
  • Insurance policies
  • List of household contents
  • Valuation of household contents


  • Contact information for personal advisors including your lawyer, financial advisor, accountant, etc.
  • Your executor
  • Other personal contacts

    Your information exists in various formats? No problem!

    You can store original electronic documents, scan original documents and store them as PDFs or other common formats, or simply list locations of original documents (for example, identify the safe deposit box where your original will is kept).

    Inputting Your Documents
    Most Vault Owners prefer to manage their vault contents themselves, however, you could have your local Registry Agent input your information or upload scanned documents online through a secure connection for a small service fee. The Registry Agent will perform these functions for you while you watch.

    Who Can Access a Vault?
    As a Vault Owner, you have unlimited access to your vault at any-time to view, add, amend or delete information. Only upon proof of your incapacitation will your Appointed Representative(s) be given access to copies of the documents that you have authorized for them. Upon proof of your death, your Appointed Representative(s) will be given access to the entire contents of your vault.

    Service Cost

Registration Fee: $99.99 ($95.23 + $4.76 GST) This is a one-time fee.
Increase Vault                  Capacity: $21.00 ($20.00 + $1.00 GST) This will increase your vault capacity from 50MB to 100MB.
Renewal Fee: $10.50 ($10.00 + $0.50 GST) Every 5 years.
Existence Search*: $15.75 ($15.00 + $0.75 GST) Per search. *

* For a small fee, any individual can initiate an Existence Search to determine whether a vault exists in the specific name of an individual. Individual Existence Searches can be done by name, or by other information such as place of birth. Each search may yield multiple Vault Owners with the same search criteria (same name, same place of birth, etc.). Absolutely no access is provided to an individual's personal vault through the search mode.

Renew Your Vault

Every five years, Vault Owners are required to renew their vaults for a renewal fee of $10 + GST. The renewal process allows Alberta Virtual Vault to keep in touch with Vault Owners, offering upgrades and suggestions that will help owners maximize the use of their vault.

Releasing Information From your Vault

Upon your mental or physical incapacity or death:

1. An Appointed Representative would obtain legal proof of your incapacity or death.
For proof of your incapacity, your representative must have the Declaration of Incapacity form completed and signed by an Alberta doctor or psychologist. Funeral Directors Statement of Death are generally prepared at the funeral home.

2. Present the Declaration of Incapacity form or Funeral Directors Statement of Death to a local Registry Agent.
The Registry Agent will then forward the document to Alberta Virtual Vault, who will verify the identity of the Vault Owner before making the appropriate information in your vault available at a secure location for downloading by your Appointed Representative(s).
Note: Registry Agents cannot provide access to your information.

3. Your Appointed Representative(s) will receive a secure download link from Alberta Virtual Vault.
Within 48 hours of receiving proof of your incapacitation or death, Alberta Virtual Vault will email a download link to each of your Appointed Representative(s). The documents are encrypted within Alberta Virtual Vault and remain encrypted as they are sent to your Appointed Representative(s)' computers on a secure line.

4. Vault empties and closes.
Alberta Virtual Vault maintains your vault for one year after your death to allow your estate to be settled. Assuming there is no activity related to your vault within that time period, it will be archived for another three years. After the archive period has expired, Alberta Virtual Vault will delete its contents and remove your name as a Vault Owner. No copies would remain of any of your documents anywhere within Alberta Virtual Vault or its servers.

Our Security System

Ensuring the safety, security and confidentiality of the information in your vault is the #1 priority for Alberta Virtual Vault.
To ensure that your vault meets the most rigorous security standards, information is encrypted using military-grade encryption technology.

About Alberta Virtual Vault

Alberta Virtual Vault is owned by Registry Connect Limited Partnership, a business initiative of the Association of Alberta Registry Agents (AARA). Alberta Registry Agents are a network of community-based business owners and annually handle millions of transactions involving personal information. They understand the need for confidential, secure protocols in handling sensitive information and are legally required to uphold the requirements of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

Contact Us

For further information about Alberta Virtual Vault.

Monarch Registries
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