Notice of Address or Notice of Change of Address Instructions

Business Corporations Act


This information must be submitted to your authorized service provider for filing with the Registrar upon incorporation, continuance or amalgamation or within 15 days of a change. It is not to be used by extra-provincial corporations.

Information filed with the Registrar pursuant to the Business Corporations Act must conform to Section 1 of the Regulations made under the Act.

For new corporations, continuances or amalgamations, Items 1 and 3 must< be completed, and if applicable Items 4 and 5. For a change of address, Items 1 and 2 must be completed; as well as the address to be changed (Items 3, 4 or 5).

Item 1. Enter the corporation's full legal name.

Item 2. If this is for a change of address, you must enter the corporate access number. It is printed on the top right-hand corner of the:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Continuance
  • Certificate of Amalgamation

Item 3. This address is required for all corporations and it must be:

  • accessible for service by delivery
  • accessible to the public during normal business hours
  • in Alberta, enter one of the following:
  • the complete street address including postal code, or
  • a legal land description. If you give a legal description, you must complete Item 5, giving a mailing address

Item 4. You must complete this item if the corporation's records are kept somewhere other than at the registered office. This address must be:

  • in Alberta
  • accessible to the public during normal business hours
    Enter one of the following:
  • the complete street address, including postal code, or
  • the legal land description

Item 5. Complete this item ONLY IF the corporation uses a post office address for mail delivery. This address must be:

  • in Alberta
  • a post office box

If this is a change of address and Item 5 no longer applies, you must enter "N/A" in this space, otherwise your mail will continue to be sent to your old post office address.

The following information must be included:

  • signature of person authorizing (for societies and non-profit companies only)
  • name of person authorizing
  • title
  • identification (not applicable for societies and non-profit companies)
  • date
  • daytime telephone number


Complete this form and return both copies (no fee required) to:
    Alberta Registries
    PO BOX 1007 STN MAIN
    Edmonton, AB T5J 4W6
Walk-in Service
Corporate Registry
John E. Brownlee Bldg.
10365 - 97 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
For information call: Edmonton: (780) 427-2311
Toll-free: 310-0000 and
then dial 427-2311

REG 3016 (Rev. 2003/05)