Notice of Change of Address of Registered Attorney Instructions

Business Corporations Act


This information is submitted to your authorized service provider for filing with the Registrar pursuant to the Business Corporations Act and must conform to Section 1 of the Regulations made under the Act.

Item 1. Enter the corporation's full legal name in Alberta.

Item 2. The corporate access number must be entered. It is printed on the top right hand corner of the Certificate of Registration.

Item 3. Enter the registered attorney's full name. If the corporation has an alternative attorney, include his or her full name.

Item 4. Enter the attorney's complete new address, including postal code. This address must be accessible to the public and must be within Alberta. If it is not a mailing address, give a mailing address as well, including postal code.

Item 5. Enter the date on which the address change becomes effective.

The following information must be included:

  • name of person authorizing (director/authorizing officer)
  • title
  • identification
  • date
  • daytime telephone number

REG 3056 (Rev. 2003/05)